Why Arthur Pendragon Should Be the Next President

For those who have lost faith in the U.S. political system, Arthur Pendragon’s announcement that he will run in the next presidential election comes as a breath of fresh air. While Pendragon’s candidacy comes as a surprise to many, his skills and popularity make him a natural choice.

Pendragon is no stranger to the halls of congress. Some 15 years ago, when he was barely out of college, he was elected to the House of Representatives in a surprise upset. A journalist from his home town, Swordstone, Alaska, noted that the ideals he stood for as a member of the Green Party were exactly what the environmentally conscious electorate were looking for.

Four years after entering the House, Pendragon was elected to Congress. Since then, he has spent much of his time trying to toughen fines against those companies who choose not to obey environmental law, and putting forward legislation to strengthen the position of the country’s military.

Arthur Pendragon stands out as a beacon of morality compared to his presidential opponents. He assures the public that he has nothing to hide. He is deeply religious. The fact that his religion can be either Paganism or Christianity, depending upon who you ask, is not relevant. He takes his religion, whatever it is, and its ideals seriously. This can be seen in his treatment of his sister, who is an unwed mother, and her child. Pendragon treats the child like one of his own.

Those who are unsure about Pendragon need only to watch the televised debates. He shines when compared to his primary opponent, William Saxon. Critics note that Saxon, who spent most of his life in Europe, seems like a foreigner who does not have a good grasp of the issues facing the country today.

It remains to be seen who Pendragon will choose as a running mate. Those close to the matter are guessing either Lance Allot, or John Gawain. Allot seems to be a favorite among Pendragon’s supporters. He is a military man with an outstanding service record. As a life long friend of Pendragon’s, Allot would be an obvious choice. The senator can frequently be found in the company of Pendragon, or his wife, Gwen. Gawain, while not quite so popular a choice, has shown himself to be one of Pendragon’s most dedicated and loyal supporters in Congress.

Anyone who is unhappy with the status quo should consider voting for Arthur Pendragon in the upcoming election. Pendragon’s legendary ability to act on the issues that are important to the people would make him a president who can truly make this the great country it should be.


Nine Tips for Successful Potty Training

Potty training can be a complicated process. It can be frustrating enough to put both child and mom in tears, more than once. But eventually, you will be successful. Here are some ways to make the process easier.

Relax. You need to know that no matter how hard the process seems at the time, you will not have a teen in diapers. Your child will learn to use the toilet. Getting frustrated with your child will only increase your stress level and make your child too anxious. This will make it harder for him to do what he needs to.

Wait until your child is ready. As I said before, I can promise that you won’t have a teen in diapers. Allowing your child to determine when you begin the training will make it easier on both of you. Trying to potty train your child before he is ready will be frustrating, because he will be unwilling or unable to understand the point. Watch for clues such as an interest in using the toilet all by himself. If you wait for your child, the process will be much smoother and probably much faster.

Be consistent. Don’t start the process until you’re ready to see it through. It might be a long haul, and giving up part way through will only confuse your child. This is another reason not to start until the child is onboard and ready to take on the challenge with you.

Celebrate the successes. I mean really celebrate. Sing, dance, and call the relatives the first time your child uses the potty successfully. This will really reinforce how much you want this to happen, and can be quite the ego boost for your child.

Limit the use of disposable training pants. Disposable training pants definitely have their uses, but they make it more difficult for you and your child to know when there’s been an accident. Using cloth training pants, your child will really feel when he’s wet, and won’t like it. On a purely practical note, using cloth training pants will cost you far less in the long run than constant use of disposables.

Use rewards. In the beginning, reward your child every time the potty has been used successfully. A few candies works. Some parents have great success with a sticker chart. As the training goes on, you can change the system to give the child a somewhat larger reward for a whole day instead of each use of the toilet. You can include an end goal. ‘Once you’re potty trained, you can sleep in your own big boy bed,” for example.

Don’t be negative. Try to focus on your child’s successes instead of the four accidents he’s had today. Do your best to stay encouraging rather than showing annoyance. Focusing on the positive will encourage your child to do better.

Remind your child to go potty at specific intervals throughout the day. This is important in the beginning stages, and not so much at the end when he knows the cues he’s looking for. The frequency at which each child needs to go potty is different. One of my children needed to be reminded to go potty twice an hour, while one could wait up to two hours. Also, the time of day makes a difference. Typically, mine needed to go more frequently in the morning than they did in the evening.

Run water. Some people find that running water helps to encourage the child to go pee. Have you ever been somewhere with running water and all of a sudden you realized that you had to go to the bathroom? If it works for adults, why not with kids?

While potty training can be a daunting challenge, these tips should make it easier for both of you. Take a deep breath and relax. Hard as it may seem at times, your child will reach this goal. I hope these tips have made it easier to get there. Good luck.

Why You Should Try Catskill Candy’s Gourmet Marshmallows

There are few things as good as a high quality candy, and few candies as wonderful as a well made gourmet marshmallow. There is absolutely no comparison between the flavorless concoctions you buy at your local supermarket and the handmade delights from Catstkill Candy. Made with high quality, all natural ingredients, Catskill Candy marshmallows are custom made, and are guaranteed to delight the most demanding sweet tooth.

More and more, people are beginning to want quality more than quantity. Sure, you can get 20 marshmallows for a dollar from the big store down the street, but do you really want them? There is a reason that gourmet marshmallows are getting trendier. They are simply better. There is more flavour, more variety, and the quality of a handmade candy will always be better than one made by a machine. You may pay more for a gourmet marshmallow than you will for a bag at the store, but in candy, as in so much else, you definitely get what you pay for.

Can you pronounce all of the ingredients on the label of that bag of marshmallows you’ve got in your cupboard? I dare you to try. And even if you can, do you know what they are? I guarantee that you will not only be able to pronounce the ingredients found in Catskills Candy’s gourmet marshmallows, but you will also approve of them. For one thing, there is absolutely no high fructose corn syrup in them. For another, there are no artificial colors and the flavourings are all natural! You know exactly what you’re getting.

Speaking of all natural flavours, one reason you need to buy your gourmet marshmallows from Catskill Candy is the wide variety of flavours available. Whether you’re craving fruity, minty, spicy or any combination thereof, you can find something to suit you. If your particular flavour isn’t listed, ask. If it can be done, it will be.

You have your choice not only in flavour, but in coatings as well. You can get your marshmallows coated in cinnamon or powdered sugar, or dipped in coatings like chocolate, crushed nuts, and coconut to name a few. The variations are endless!

There are many uses for gourmet marshmallows, and Catskill Candy knows this. That’s why the marshmallows are offered in different sizes. You can get brownie-sized dessert marshmallows, or smaller marshmallows that are perfect for cocoa. . Imagine a hot, rich cup of cocoa with a minty gourmet marshmallow in it. Is there anything better?

Perhaps the best reason to buy your marshmallows from Catskill Candy is that the company is ready, willing and able to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s a particular flavour/coating combo that you can’t find anywhere else or marshmallows custom made for your child with allergies, you will be able to get what you need at Catskill Candy.

Gourmet candy is getting increasingly popular. People are looking for alternatives to the generic mass produced stuff that you can get from your corner store. If you’re looking for a wide variety of all natural gourmet marshmallows custom made to your individual tastes and needs, there is absolutely no better place to go than Catskill Candy. Visit http://www.catskillcandy.com now!

Ten Tips For Making Your Windows 7 Machine Faster

Trying to do anything on a computer that’s running slowly is like trying to walkthrough mud with heavy boots. It’s torture. Anything that you can do to speed a sluggish computer up will make your life easier and increase your productivity enormously. It would be better yet to keep your computer from getting sluggish in the first place. Here are ten tips, ranging from the basics that any computer user should know to more advanced techniques for the more technically minded.

• Defrag and Disk Cleanup. These should be done on a regular basis, at least once a week. The tools to do this can be found in the accessories menu in “All programs”.

• Add more RAM. Adding more RAM to your computer will help to speed it up and keep performance optimal. There is a massive performance boost between 2 and 4 GB of RAM, for example.

• Uninstall unused or unwanted programs. If you’re not using a program, take it off your system. Clearing up clutter is always good, and a program may be taking up resources without your realizing it. This will have the added benefit of clearing space off your hard drive.

• Only have programs running in start-up that you want to be running. In msconfig there is a tool to uncheck programs that you don’t want running as soon as you turn on the computer.. Unchecking the programs that you don’t need to start automatically will make reboot faster and improve performance.

• Turn off search indexing. Windows indexes files so they can be found quickly in a search. If you don’t do many searches on your system, turning off this feature can save resources. This switch can be found by right clicking “search” in the services pain and clicking “properties”.

• Disable visual effects and animations. If you’re not a fan of the arrow theme or the visual effects and animations, turn them off and save the system resources.

• Disable the UAC. Yes, I know, it’s a security feature. But if you’re a reasonably savvy, safe computer user and find it nothing but annoying, you can disable it, or at least turn down the frequency of the setting.

• Disable unused features. In the programs and features applet in Control Panel, click “Turn Windows Features on or off”. Uncheck features you are not using, and restart your computer.

• Disable Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets. Again, if these aren’t something you use often, why have them running?

• Reinstall your OS every year or so. Like changing the oil in your car, this gets rid of the unwanted stuff that builds up on your system over time. It’s a pain, but worth the trouble.

You can buy software that will do many of these things for you, and may have tools that are more advanced or more thorough than those included in Windows.

These are really the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things you can do, in the registry, for example that will have a positive impact on your system’s performance. But if your system is getting slow, or if you want to keep it running smoothly, these are a good place to start.